Chin Sculpting / Reshaping

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Chin Sculpting / Reshaping (Genioplasty)

Also known as chin repositioning, genioplasty can give patients better facial definition. This procedure involves using either an implant or osteotomy (bone cutting or shaping) to reduce, augment, or otherwise alter the shape and size of the chin.

Whether you’re looking to strengthen your jawline, shorten your chin, or improve the overall contours of your face, genioplasty will give you more balanced facial features. So chin up!

Your Chin Sculpting / Reshaping procedure will be performed in Dr. Mona Stone‘s surgery center located in Westlake, TX.

If you suffer from a recessed or projecting chin that’s affecting your appearance and confidence, we’re here to help with chin surgery. This can either reduce or enhance the size of your chin, resulting in greater overall symmetry and harmony to your facial features.

Dr. Stone will use her expertise to keep the whole face in mind so that your chin surgery provides the greatest aesthetic enhancements, including strengthening and defining a natural jawline.

Who is a good candidate?

This procedure benefits patients whose chin size is disproportionate to their other facial features. It can reduce the appearance of a double chin and strengthen the profile to significantly enhance your appearance. It is often paired with other facial contouring procedures such as neck lifts, face lifts and rhinoplasty.

During the procedure, you will be sedated under general anesthesia. A small incision will be made on the inside of your lip in front of the gum to prevent visible scars. During sliding genioplasty, we cut the chin bone, a procedure called an osteotomy. The chin is then repositioned to optimize chin strength and overall appearance.

During augmentation genioplasty, a synthetic implant is positioned in front of the chin bone. Small titanium plates and screws are typically used in both procedures to secure implant and bone materials. You will receive dissolvable sutures to close the intraoral incision. The procedure takes approximately 1 hour.


After the procedure, a bandage will be placed on your chin to ease inflammation. The bandage will be removed in our office 1-2 days later. Postoperative swelling and bruising is common, but discomfort is mild and can be controlled with the use of medication. Your stitches will dissolve in 7-10 days. Recovery time is about 2 weeks.

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