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Stone Surgical Arts is the leader in male aesthetics:  it focuses on male wellness via minimally invasive procedures. 

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You may find yourself dissatisfied with aspects of your face. You are not alone. Most men struggle with these same issues, and we are here to help.  SSA can help you to achieve the competitive edge you are looking for through surgical or non surgical treatments.

If you are ready to feel good about yourself we are so excited to be part of your journey:

We have helped numerous men transform themselves and enhance their confidence.

What Is Male Facial Enhancement?

Male facial enhancement is a way to combat a variety of common male cosmetic issues. These surgical and non-surgical procedures can reduce wrinkles, minimize droopiness, improve facial definition, and much more.

There are key differences between men and women, such as men having thicker skin. Because of this, certain treatments and procedures can be used for more targeted results.

Is Male Facial Enhancement Right for Me?

Male facial enhancement is perfect for men who want to combat cosmetic issues affecting areas like the eyes, jawline, lips, chin, cheeks, neck, and scalp. Patients must have realistic expectations and should be in good health. Non-smokers are ideal candidates, and smokers must quit before undergoing these procedures.

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The Consultation

Scheduling a consultation for male facial enhancement can help men get the results they need. During a consultation, patients can discuss their aesthetic goals with Dr. Mona Stone. She will perform an examination of the treatment area, go over the patient’s medical history, and then recommend a suitable treatment option.

How Much Does Male Facial Enhancement Cost?

The cost of a male facial enhancement procedure will be determined based on a variety of factors. The type of treatment or procedure used, the kinds of cosmetic corrections required, and the time needed to perform the chosen procedure can all affect the overall price.

Did you know that we have a medical grade skin line
dedicatedfor men’s skin health?

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